Facebook bans live streaming of PBC news announcement via Kashmir post: Pakistani radio
By: Faisal Malik
Dec 30, 2019

Facebook bans live streaming of PBC news announcement via Kashmir post: Pakistani radio

Pakistani Radio reported on Monday that Facebook bans live streaming of PBC news announcements to highlight India's brutality in occupied Kashmir.

However, the report added that interim arrangements have been made to continue to broadcast Pakistan Radio's announcements on YouTube Pakistan.

Screenshots of the question posts have been uploaded to Pakistan Radio's website about the anniversary of the death of jihadist jihadist leader Burhan Wani in July and jihadist commander Zakir Mo A curfew imposed by Zakir Musa after his death in May.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan, said at a press conference in Islamabad on Monday that Pakistan must move away from international [social media] platforms to become more self-reliant.

Speaking of Kashmir, she said: "As we have seen, every time we try to highlight human rights violations on social media platforms such as Facebook, the account will be suspended.

She added: "We have previously opposed this and will do so again in the future and will restore these accounts."

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According to The Guardian, in 2016, Facebook came under fire for censoring dozens of posts related to Wani's death. Photos, video tapes, and the entire accounts of scholars and journalists, as well as entire pages of local newspapers, have been deleted in order to release information about the occupied valley. The Indian government has also imposed restrictions on newspapers, but residents of the occupied Kashmir have complained that censoring posts on Facebook will make the information more disruptive.

Due to limited access to newspapers and TV channels, journalists and news agencies will keep readers informed through social media updates until the social media giant begins reviewing news reports and updates on the occupied Kashmir area. The account of Kumamir journalist Huma Dar from the United States was deleted by Facebook shortly after posting photos of Wani's funeral without warning.

Al Jazeera reported that Twitter had recently been criticized after activists expressed concerns over the removal of hundreds of tweets criticizing the Indian government's policies in the occupied Kashmir.

According to Al Jazeera, a study by media regulators revealed that nearly one million tweets have been deleted since 2017.

In August, Major General Afif Ghafoor, Director General of Intersectoral Public Relations (ISPR), said Pakistani authorities had approached Twitter and Facebook for alleged suspension of Pakistani social media accounts in Kashmir, Pakistan.

According to the latest transparency report released by the platform in November, of the 17,807 content restrictions imposed by Facebook worldwide, the largest number of requests (more than 31%) from Pakistan were between January and July 2019.

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