Germany Qualify to 2020 European Cup, but Kroos calls for improvement
By: M Aanish Mujahid
Nov 17, 2019

Germany Qualify to 2020 European Cup, but Kroos calls for improvement

| Germany Qualify to 2020 European Cup, but Kroos calls for improvement |

Toni Kroos played twice. The German team beat Belarus 4-0 on Saturday to qualify for the 2020 European Championship finals, but Real Madrid insisted that there is still room for improvement.

The defensive back heel shot of defender Matthias Ginter and the impressive ending of Leon Goretzka and Kroos were brought to the Germans in the early half of the second half. Came a 3-0 lead.

German captain Manuel Neuer made an excellent save to stop the penalty of Belarus striker Igor Stasevich, then Cruise dribbled through The defensive side gets the second goal every 7 minutes.

"Until we lead 1-0, such an opponent is always difficult to do," Kroos said. “Overall we have done a good job, but I have not yet included us in the European Championship. The important thing is that we have to be a team in the international competition in March.”

The result is that Germany is 2 points higher than the Netherlands, which means that the defeat of Northern Ireland in Frankfurt on Tuesday won the group C victory, the latter defeated the Dutch 0-0.

German boss Joachim Low said, “We have reached our goal”. "The team did a good job, we saw some nice combinations and four goals. Of course not everything is perfect, but overall I am very happy."

Ginter excels at home

After the central defender showed an excellent touch to score his first goal for Germany at home, Loy picked out Mönchengladbach guard Gent.

"He is very reliable and a very good football player." "I am very happy that he scored such a brilliant goal here." Lott said.

In the pre-match period, Leew and Kroos reached an agreement that the start-up German team could not be considered a popular team in the European 2020 championship next July.

It seems reasonable. Despite the poor performance in the first half, the Germans, despite having an 80% appearance rate, are still trying to break the tenacious defense of tourists.

In recent months, Bayern Munich guard Nikolai Suelle and Manchester City winger Leroy Sonny have suffered long-term injuries, and Loew's new face has been robbed of two key elements.

Bayern Munich winger Serge Gnabry and RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner led the German offense.

After testing Neuer in Belarus, Stasevich made a rare shot on the German goal, and Gnabry helped the host to take the lead.

His carefully arranged pass gave Ginter the opportunity to create an innovative finish in the 42-minute pass of the Belarusian goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor.

“Until we got our first goal, they were still in the tight area, but we did better in the second half,” Ginter said.

Four minutes after the restart, the German Goretzka drilled Kroos to the top corner and doubled his lead.

Kroos took Germany's third goal, Ginter passed it to him, and the Madrid midfielder slammed into the net from the edge of the area in 55 minutes.

In the 15 minutes after Robin Koch fouled Pavel Nekhaychik, Neuer rejected Staswich from the scene, proving that he is still the most in the world. One of the good goalkeepers.

Kroos defeated two defenders and gave it to Gutor in the wrong way, because Germany only scored 5 points in Northern Ireland in only one game.

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