Musharraf's Lawyer: Absent Trial, Appeal Approved
By: Mishaal Zafar
Dec 19, 2019

Musharraf's Lawyer: Absent Trial, Appeal Approved

Salman Safdar, a lawyer for former military dictator general (retd) Pervez, said that if the trial can be conducted without anyone present, it can also be heard and supported by appropriate legal and medical evidence File an appeal. Musharraf's Lawyer: Absent Trial, Appeal Approved.

He told SAMAA TV on Thursday that of course the verdict would be challenged, hours after the detailed sentence in which Musharraf was sentenced to death.

He said the score was 2-1. Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court Waqar Ahmad Seth, Judge of the Lahore High Court Shahid Karim, and Judge of the Sindh High Court Nazar A The case was heard by Nazar Akbar. Musharraf was convicted with a 2-1 majority. Judge Akbar was the only judge to vote against his death sentence.

He cited Justice Akbar's objection that the case was discriminatory. He also questioned the reasons and grounds for two other judges to convict Musharraf.

He said there was no reason for conviction. He said our biggest grievance was the fair trial clause and added that the trial was rushed. He asked, how can you sentence someone to death and tell them why he was sentenced to death 48 hours later. He added that the judgement was usually given on the same day or the next day.

Safdar concluded that the judges appeared to be under pressure. He also said that the judges made inappropriate statements in the order, something he had never seen before.

He said they should use proper legal language, which would have been more appropriate.

He also stated that Musharraf was not in the country because he was indeed ill and was already hospitalized. He said there was medical, photographic and video evidence there.

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